ACOD is a Joint Venture


Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners

Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners (CIP) is a fund management company founded in 2012, currently managing four funds totaling $7.5Bn CAD. CIP’s investments include a wide range of energy infrastructure assets including offshore wind, onshore wind, offshore power transmission, biomass and waste-to-energy, and solar PV investments across Europe, North America, and Taiwan.

Beothuk Energy

Beothuk Energy Inc. (BEI) is a local developer based in St. John’s, Canada. BEI focuses on the manufacture, supply, and operation of offshore wind energy projects in North America as well as the development of public/private partnerships within regulated and unregulated electrical utilities.

Copenhagen Offshore Partners (COP)

Copenhagen Offshore Partners (COP) has been selected as the Project’s developer. COP is a leading and experienced provider of project development and construction management services for offshore wind projects. Their team of specialists have experience from more than 15 large-scale offshore wind projects and a broad range of competencies within project management, early and late stage development, engineering, construction, procurement, operational management as well as business development and project financing.

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